Terms of Service Terms of Service Agreement

Effective Date: March 1st, 2014

By using, you agree to abide by the rules of in accordance with the Terms of Service outlined below:

For users, customers and riders:

1. Services and Reservations provides U.S.-based limousine operators the opportunity to use a white-labeled version of Rental Limo’s 3-step booking process on their company’s website. Customers using your site with widgets can then request a reservation for a vehicle in exchange for a quoted price rate. This is a reservation request and does not guarantee that the company is necessarily willing or able to provide the service in the desired vehicle on the desired date and time. All reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance for online bookings. The customer will then be notified automatically via email if and when the operator confirms or declines the reservation request.

2. Booking Authorizations & Charges

Customers booking a limousine through the widget are currently required to provide a working bank or credit card number in order to reserve a limousine. Once the reservation request is made through the widget, the card is authorized for the total. The customer will not be charged unless the operator using confirms the booking request. All limo companies' prices and vehicle availability are subject to change due to changing demand, availability, and unforseen circumstances.

3. Ride Payment Process

Upon confirmation by the limousine company for the reservation, the customer will be notified automatically via email that the reservation is confirmed. Depending on the desired payment schedule of the limo operator, riders can be billed upfront automatically when the reservation is accepted and confirmed, or payments can be processed manually once the ride approaches or is completed, depending on the payment settings options selected by the operator.

4. Security and Confidentiality

No credit card information is stored by All ride transactions through are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption to protect your credit card information. All information transmitted via widgets will remain confidential, including but not limited to reservation details such as your first and last name, email, phone number, pickup location, dropoff location, pickup date, pickup time, passenger count, vehicle, payment information and total.

5. Digital Marks and Representations

All representations of companies, vehicles, and other materials on are for demonstrative purposes only and actual vehicles may vary from their digital representation. These representations are provided by the limousine company and by agreeing to our Terms of Service, cannot be held liable for any claims or discrepancies that may arise from actual vehicles or services provided.

6. Quality of Service works with fully licensed and insured limousine companies in the United States. Companies registered on are required to have all necessary permits and insurance to provide limousine service in their indicated location. While we strive to work with only top limousine operators, we make no guarantee for the representations or quality of service provided by the company if you choose to use their services. and the limousine companies registered with us are independent agents and we are not responsible, nor can be held liable for the quality of services you request from these limousine companies. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you agree to release our company and any of our agents or employees from any and all damages, claims, and disputes that may arise from electing to use a limousine company's service as a result of rides booked via Limousine operators using will be held to a high level of service expectations to protect the brand and integrity of and Rental Limo.

7. General Provisions is an online booking widget offering a white-label version of Rental Limo’s reservation technology for U.S.-based operators to implement on their own company website. Any services requested from operators whose websites use widgets are provided explicitly from the individual limousine companies you request from on their website. We do not own, operate, or maintain any vehicles under and all representations on our website are those of the individual limousine companies and their owners. By agreeing to these terms, you release from any and all liability resulting from damages or discrepancies from working with limousine companies who use widgets.

For limousine operators & limo companies:

1. Subscription-based payments for use of widgets

Members of will pay a recurring monthly fee based upon a predetermined level of service decided at registration. Subscription payments will be handled by the leader in secure and trusted online subscription payments. does not store your credit card information.

Upon registration with, limousine operators will qualify for the use of Rental Limo’s 3-step booking process on their own company website. Operators will be given and name and password to login and retrieve embeddable code to activate widgets on a website.

By signing up as a limo operator using, members are required to provide a bank card number for monthly subscription dues. In doing so, you authorize to bill your bank card on a monthly basis in the appropriate amount agreed upon in your registration form and subscription plan. Each month, will auto-bill your card on file for the chosen monthly rate unless you cancel your subscription prior to the applicable billing cycle. offers limousine operators a 30-day trial to test out our booking process. To begin the 30-day trial, you will be required to provide a working bank card that will not be initially charged. By entering into the 30-day trial, you authorize to subsequently charge your bank card for the first month of paid limousine operator membership dues one month after activation unless membership is cancelled prior to the first billing cycle.

Members of are entitled to the preservation of their fixed lifetime monthly rate; barring the timely payment of subscription-based monthly service dues. Operators have a 30-day grace period before cancellation of membership to pay any and all outstanding dues. Should a limo operator fail to pay their outstanding balance within the 30 days, this voids their opportunity to maintain the previous fixed lifetime rate. members can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their plan at any time. To cancel a account, limousine operators are required to request cancellation in writing via fax or email to (855) 546-6576 or prior to beginning their next billing cycle to avoid being charged. Prior to cancellation, the operator must entirely cease use of any and all reservation system code from their website(s) unless a valid account is re-activated prior to further use.

After your free 30-day trial ends, your monthly payments are non-refundable, applicable to all monthly payments for services rendered the prior month including the first billing cycle and all subsequent billing cycles.

2. Reservation retrieval and limo booking confirmation will send a booking request via email to the limousine operator upon completion of a reservation request by the customer. The limousine operator is then responsible for confirming or rejecting that booking. currently requires customers to request their limousine booking at least 12 hours in advance of the desired reservation date. This half-day window is required to give limousine operators adequate time to respond to booking requests and confirm or decline the reservation. After that, will automatically email a reservation confirmation to the rider and operator containing the details of the ride such as date, time, passenger count, vehicle, and total.

3. Confidentiality of customers using for reservations

All information transmitted via widgets will remain confidential, including but not limited to reservation details such as the client's first and last name, email, phone number, pickup location, dropoff location, pickup date, pickup time, passenger count, vehicle, payment information and total.

4. operator requirements for licensing and insurance

All limousine operators are required to follow all laws and regulations pertaining to the legal operation of your company. This includes having a proper USDOT certification number, state certification, a local or municipal certification number, liability insurance (minimum $1,500,000), as well as having properly licensed and insured vehicles, drivers, and limousine company.

5. logo and membership badge usage

Active limo operators of are permitted to use our logo and or membership badge on the internet via website, social media, etc. Members may also request permission to use the logo and badge for print, provided the design uses high resolution supplementary graphics which will be made available by

Use of web graphics for print is strictly prohibited. may request the removal of any and all existing uses of graphics that do not positively represent the brand of This may or may not include operators who once used widgets but are no longer currently members. In the event requests removal of such graphics, limo operators have 7 days to comply with the request. Failure to do so violates the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and will result in a formal claim filed against the operator.

6.'s implied legal right to use limo operator graphics

All limousine operators, as paid users of technology, acknowledge that any and all graphics contained on their website(s) must be legally owned or with permission for use in public media. These graphics may include company logos, promotions, photographs, screenshots, and anything relating to the web presence of each limo company. Eligible graphics for use include a limousine company's website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest, and any other online social media or web pages used to promote the limousine company. is entitled hereby to use any and all of these graphics pertaining to limousine operators who are members of We reserve the right to crop, re-size, or edit these graphics as necessary in order to provide photos of your vehicles via widgets. Use of these graphics will be to enhance the web presence of each limo operator member and their limousine fleet in good faith. This includes without limitation a limousine company's web page as well as the photo galleries for all of the company's vehicles.

7.’s expressed right to terminate limo operators

Members of are required to maintain a high level of service to properly represent the brand of and Rental Limo in good faith. This includes prompt replies to inquiries or notifications from by email or phone regarding gathering information about your company, your fleet, or existing bookings and reservations. We reserve the right to terminate an agreement with any company within that we believe to be infringing upon the prosperity and growth of the brand and Rental Limo as a company.

Operators wishing to terminate their account with must submit their request 30 days in advance in writing or email notifying of their request. No additional fees will be incurred as long as the 30 day advanced notice has been made. In the event of termination, the indicated service partner must remove all acknowledgements of previous affiliation to within 30 days of termination. This includes but is not limited to logos, membership badges, trademarks, or any other copyrighted media.

Copyright and limitations of use

The information available on is the property of or the limousine companies and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. This site contains copyrighted material, trademarks and other proprietary information, including without limitation, text, software, photographs, video, graphics, trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, and music and sound (the "Content"), and such Content is protected under U.S. Copyright laws, U.S. trademark laws as well as international copyright and trademark laws and treaties.

Limitations of liability is in no way liable for any form of damage, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, attorney fees, or any other negative consequence which may arise from the use or misuse of the services provides to users, customers, and riders using to purchase limousine services as well as limousine company operators that use widgets on their website.

Changes to the Terms of Service expresses the right to alter the terms of this service agreement at any time in order to improve the quality and integrity of in good faith. If you do not agree with any of the terms outlined above, then you are subsequently not authorized to utilize the services offered by and Rental Limo LLC.